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If you've pulled the Star card, you know you're going the right way.

February 10 Zodiac is Aquarius - Full Horoscope Personality

If you're setting goals for yourself, you'll make sure to see them through. And though rewards may still be on To me, there is no greater act of courage than being the Yesterday Today Tomorrow Weekly Monthly Weekly Monthly Today's Star Ratings Your general mood. Sex Hustle Vibe Success. Read more. Today's Reading Choose your cards. Read full quote. Get a Live Tarot Reading. Lovers born on February 10 th are perfectionists as far as their love lives are concerned.

They believe that there are certain romantic ideals that should be present in their life. It grows in value the more you show love and demonstrate it to people that matter most to you.

It also grows in value when you seek it our in spite of initial difficulties. It goes without saying that a lot of people born on February 10 th have a difficult time developing real, mature relationships because they hang on to these unrealistic and unreasonable demands they place on themselves.

Those with a birthday on February 10 can be successful in the fields of electronics, computers, space technology, and philosophy. Personally speaking, if you have any kind of philosophical or academic streak to you, you should go into philosophy. It fits your personality like a glove, seriously. There are no results, unlike the world of business.

There really is no right answer as long as you are able to argue competently. Other than that, you are going to run into trouble because you tend to hang on to personal ideals that may not sit well with people who prefer to live in reality. You pay attention to all sorts of details, you pay attention to how people emotionally relate to each other, and you pay attention to the social and personal structures that we set down.

However observant you are, you tend to always come up with conclusions that further reinforce the things that you already believe in. Instead of your observations leading you to become more grounded in some sort of shared reality, you believe that the things that you pick up from the outside world further corroborate a lot of your more extreme ideas. You are an idealistic person.

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You believe that things have to be done a certain way, but unlike other Aquarius people who just content themselves with just preaching and giving sermons to other people as to how they should live, you actually walk your talk. This is where it becomes problematic for you.


While you have it in you to get along with everybody, as you get older, the more stubborn you get. This creates a lot of problems for you.

Andi asks is your Birthday February 10th...

You become more detached and aloof. For people born on the 10 th of February, the particular aspect of air that is most relevant to your personality is your need for sustenance. This sustenance plays out in your life in the form of ideas. You are sustained by the extreme or unusual ideas you believe in.

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As you get older, you gather more and more facts to support those ideas. While this can be good, the way you do things tends to produce negative results. You end up living in your own personal bubble. It is reality.

February 10 Zodiac

Uranus is remote, distant, and gaseous. It also has a pretty strong gravitational field. As you get closer to Uranus, it becomes harder and harder to pull away. This applies to the ideas, and often misconceptions, you subscribe to.

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If there is anything that would lead you to unnecessary drama or conflicts in your life, it is your tendency to believe your own press and your own ideas.