January 21 lunar eclipse astrology

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Time Monday am. See more Calendar GoogleCal. This is actually the final Leo eclipse in a series that's been striking the Leo-Aquarius axis since February 10, In fact, the stunning Leo total solar eclipse of August 21, was part of this same lunar thread. Stories and situations that have been developing since then could hit a surprising arc this January.

Eclipses always arrive in pairs, hitting opposite signs simultaneously, for approximately two years. That's part of their drama, as they push and pull us in totally divergent directions. Since February , the Leo and Aquarius series has intensified the dynamic division between the privileged elite Leo and the everyday people Aquarius. Leo rules the monarchy, world leaders, luxury and performing arts.

Aquarius governs activism, social media, collective uprisings and humanitarian efforts. We've seen the best and worst of both since February Oligarchs, plutocrats and military dictators Leo conspired with Internet trolls and social media bots Aquarius to influence elections.

Simultaneously, an uprising of the masses Aquarius emboldened new political leaders to emerge and become the celebrities of Leo —including lioness Meghan Markle whose marriage to Prince Harry was a political statement unto itself. Politically motivated art and theater had a boon; SNL tracked world events with satiric precision throughout this eclipse series.

Blood Moon horoscope TODAY: How will the total eclipse affect YOU?

And it's little coincidence that this final Leo lunar eclipse marks the two-year anniversary of the Women's March on Washington, and worldwide that made history on January 21, as the largest single-day protest in U. So now what? On a global level the January 21, eclipse could herald a grand finale to some of the scandalous scenarios that have occupied headlines for the past two years.

Will we finally get privy to more findings of the Muller probe? Learn the real deal on Russia? Or could it bring a crazy curveball that emboldens world leaders to make more permanent power grabs? While we're hoping the latter is not the case, there is guaranteed to be some element of surprise involved with whatever is revealed this January 20th and 21st. On a personal level, this full wolf moon could send up a lupine howl, calling forth the leaders in us all. Where could we step up in our lives a and take on greater responsibility for the good of all?

How can we use our style, charisma and influence to create a deeper sense of connection and social justice in our communities? In some cases, it might be as easy as hitting record on our mobile phones—to preach a message or to livestream a BBQ Becky's offenses. On a much sweeter level, this Leo lunar eclipse could usher in some early Valentine's Day vibes. If an attraction has been aging like a fine wine over the past couple years, it's officially time for an "uncorking. This is what Astrology is for—to see ahead, to gain insight, and to learn what life is trying to teach us.

Jupiter expansion moving into the sign of Scorpio sexual secrets —it fit perfectly. Now last month, on November 8, , Jupiter entered Sagittarius. Within a week: we are face-to-face with our political attacks on each other that always address a favorite Sag topic: who is telling the truth?


Truth-telling is going to be a theme for this upcoming year. Lies and honesty—the topics Sagittarians love to speak too. For the collective, the upcoming solar eclipse will hit the top of our universal chart—we call that the house of public attention. With a universal Aries rising, it will land in the 10th house…marking a time for politics to come face-to-face with its dark side. This is the theme of the 10th house: the dark and light of leadership and its pretenses.

We are being asked to return to the original values of our forefathers, to stop and take a look at what mattered most to politics. America started this country on telling the truth George Washington and being run by a democracy that abolished slavery Abraham Lincoln —we too are being asked, regardless of our politics, to look again at what we call America.

The total lunar eclipse on January 21 is at 0 degrees Leo, which is all about the entrance of our egos. What if this new year we put our egos aside and valued the simple principles of honesty and democracy? This eclipse would be a marker like it was for Einstein. While we cannot look directly at your chart to see where these influences touch you personally, we sure can go to the big picture and speak to the universal, identifying how the power of the stars are influencing us.

Our Complete Guide to the January 21st Total Lunar Eclipse - Universe Today

This is where we stop time, use the eclipses to call our attention out to review, and then let Jupiter inspire the conversation about truth, honesty and realness. This is how Astrology works: it describes opportunity. We are learning how to be real and truthful. Or are we? Just know that this new year is starting with a bang…two eclipses pointing at such important topics.