Number 16 birthday ideas

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I thought they no longer existed outside of Hollywood films from a bygone era. When my daughter Sadie first mentioned that she was attending one, I pictured poodle skirts and sock hops. Think sweet and sour rolled into one. Each week, the series would document some version of the reality of an excessively privileged teenage girl as she and her parents planned, hosted and nearly ruined an over-the-top birthday party.

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The formula was always the same: overrun budgets, outrageous gifts and at least one unholy temper tantrum. Although the intention may have been well-meaning fun, the show does a disservice to any viewer looking to it for guidance.

The perfect Birthday party for ANY 16 year old

If it is to be believed, then we can infer no Sweet 16 is complete without Hummer limos, celebrity rappers and a tiger on a leash. Instead, talk to your daughter. And make sure you have that conversation well in advance of the blessed event, so you, the parent, can identify any gap between what she is expecting and what you can provide. You might be surprised. She may be hoping only for a small get-together with close friends and family. None of these sounded nearly as lavish as those on television.

For instance, no one entered on horseback or received her first Lexus. Rented halls, hired DJs and catered food were common, all great ideas to limit the entertainment burden placed on the host and her parents.

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Photo booths were also a big hit. I let out a sigh of relief, as did my wallet. This seemed like the ideal moment to point out that 16 is the legal age to get a job, but I let it slide. Just focus on designing a celebration that is true to that girl you have watched grow up.

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Supplies

You will end up with a party that suits your daughter perfectly, a party that is appropriately joyous, spirited, elegant or—for lack of a better word—sweet. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Please note: Mistakes happen. Each kit comes with the right number of plates, streamers, centerpieces, banners, and other supplies for eight or sixteen guests — all the essentials, and you can easily add to the kit by shopping the rest of the theme and color-matched page.

The 10 Most Amazing Sweet 16 Ideas for a Fabulous Party | Catch My Party

So start your sweet 16 planning at Party City, where the decorations, favors, and are always affordable and fun, and where you'll find loads of ideas and lots of inspiration for a standout birthday celebration. Featured Costumes. Featured Decorations. Featured Products. Featured Birthdays.

2) 16th Birthday Ideas: Murder Mystery Dinner, Theater

Featured Occasions. Featured Clearance Promotions. Looking for costumes?


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