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Not yet I note that Kim Kardashian is a Master 22 lifepath. That prompted me to look into her numbers and realise that she was a Master Despite a near-perfect SAT score, she dropped out before graduation to pursue music. She accused him of rape, abuse and suffocating control over her life. Or is this one of those dreams?

Those horrible dreams that seem like they last forever? If I am alive, why? What is the lesson? What is the point? God, give me a sign, or I have to give up.

Number 29 Meaning

Please just let me die. Being alive hurts too much. Here are further lyrics from Praying. Go Kesha! Kim Basinger, Actor. She was also in her first marriage, which was unconventional in that her husband changed his surname. Around this time she was also suffering panic attacks and agoraphobia — she is an inspiring spokesperson for people with social anxiety. Lawrence Mooney , Actor and Comedian. See my first gig.

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Moonman is on Brisbane radio with Robin Bailey on Triple M — see her psychic reading and feedback on me here. Leonard Cohen , Poet and Singer. Around 29, he was finishing up living in Hydra, a Greek Island where he bought a house and caroused with George Johnston and Charmain Clift. Due to financial issues and other frustrations, he began making music instead of writing, which marked the beginning of his incredible career — see this video of Hallelujah. Liz Ellis, Netballer.

Around 29, she played in her first Commonwealth Games for Australia. Mandy Harvey, Musician. Not only did she place 4th in the show at her lifepath turning point age of 29 , she also released a memoir! Perfect timing. Mark Wahlberg, Actor and Musician. He battled drug addiction and was jailed for a violent racist attack when younger. At 30 he went into a relationship with Rhea Durham who is a Master 33 lifepath and they are still married. His acting career was taking off around Meg Ryan, Actor. At 28, she starred in When Harry Met Sally , which featured her famous fake-moaning scene.

At 29 she married Dennis Quaid, who she later revealed was unfaithful to her. At 29 she was just forming a relationship with Donald Trump, as he was campaigning. Michael Franti , Musician and Humanitarian. Had just formed his band Spearhead around age Michael Jordan , Basketballer. Won his first NBA championship with the Bulls, started his advertising relationship with Gatorade, and began building a mansion at 28, before going on to win NBA titles at When he was 30, his father was murdered by teenage carjackers, who received life sentences.

This prompted him to retire from basketball he had been considering this since age 29, apparently due to the pressures of the Olympics and his rising celebrity status. He surprised many people by going into baseball for a few years, before returning to basketball. I note that his sons are both 1 lifepaths, and twin daughters are 11 lifepaths. I see this a lot 11s and 1s together — my husband Kris Anderson is a 1 lifepath and I am an 11 lifepath.

Inspired millions with his book Think and Grow Rich , which includes a section about talking to Spirits and Masters. Although they were told Blair would never hear or speak, Napoleon refused to teach him sign language, leading to many conflicts with family and educators. Orlando Bloom , Actor. I still remember the first time I saw him on-screen, it was like an electric shock! Orlando was at peak popularity around He broke up with Kate Bosworth at age 29 to date Miranda Kerr at age Paris Hilton , Socialite.

Needs little introduction! Age 29, she was arrested in a cocaine possession scandal in Las Vegas, and entered into a plea bargain that involved attending a drug-abuse treatment program. See my comments regarding Robert Downey, Jr. Around 29, he won his 13th Grand Slam Singles title, breaking a record that had been held for 30 years.

It was also the last time he was ranked No.


A month after he turned 29, he also got married to his current wife. Peter Garrett , Musician and ex-Politician. Known for Midnight Oil and his environmental work. At 29 he was receiving international recognition in his music career. Prince Charles first met Diana when he was Unknown to many people, Prince Charles is a huge advocate of organic farming, alternative medicine including homoeopathy and avid environmentalist. Master Number lifepaths often run in families…I guess sometimes it takes a double one to raise a double one!

Robert Downey, Jr. Around 29 he was married with a child and appeared in some big movies including Only You and Natural Born Killers. His struggles with drugs and alcohol are well-documented — his father was a drug addict and Robert has been dogged by rumours of being bipolar. We go up quickly, and down just as fast, depending on our environmental influences and role models. Rosie Batty , Activist. Just after her lifepath turning point age of 29, she entered a relationship with Greg Anderson, the man who would murder their son Luke.

He was killed on a Personal 11 day, months short of his lifepath turning point age of Shirley Temple Black , Actor. She was an early bloomer and public figure, similar to Mozart. After retiring at 22, she made a comeback at 29 with a TV series about fairytales, that included her son as an actor. I have noticed they often go through big family healing experiences around I certainly did! Stephenie Meyer , Author, known for the Twilight series. See my note about E. Prior to this, she had no writing experience. Within a few months, she had finished the manuscript buoyed by the enthusiasm of her sister , and signed a three-book-deal!

So she really did blossom right on time. Terri Irwin , naturalist and owner of Australia Zoo. She is the widow of Steve Irwin, and moved to Australia around 28, when she married him right on time for her lifepath turning point — 11 is about double new beginnings. Around he began doing solo performances in unconventional venues such as restaurants and apartments , and became a Freemason. Yuri Gagarin , Astronaut. At his lifepath age of 29 he was advancing through the military and training cosmonauts in the Soviet Union.

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  4. He was very charismatic and known for his smile and soft spot for the public. Here are some of their extraordinary creations:. Her Animal Magic Divination cards are one of my favourite decks. Alison Lee , Heartwork — Alee helped me back from the brink of severe anorexia and I am deeply in awe of her therapeutic compassion. She is the most humble and profound creative coach. I love her retreats, too. Jost Sauer , Author of books like The Perfect Day Plan an excellent introduction to living in tune with your Chi cycle — I briefly assisted at his rehabilitation clinic in Brisbane. We discovered that all the counsellors were Master number lifepaths!

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    Leonie McDonald , Naturopath — completely changed my life when I was about , she taught nutrition at AIAS and told me to quit my day job at the time because I was so stressed! She is truly an Angel. He shares a birthday with my son Charlie. Susanna , my friend who inspired me to move to Brisbane after we met in Thailand in ! Wow, you are such a Spiritual Guide.

    Suzanne Swan , Yogababy — I credit her prenatal, pregnancy and postnatal yoga education classes with giving me the confidence to birth Charlie August and Forrest February , drug-free and peacefully. People with this vibration are unstoppable once they trust their Higher Selves. Despite your sensitivity, you possess leadership abilities. You are modest, diplomatic and polite.

    Famous People with Master 11 Numerology Lifepaths (29/11 and 38/11)

    You have the ability to persuade, and can be quite forceful. Your high sensitivity to others makes you compassionate, kind and gentle. You have an opportunity for fame and success as long as you do not pursue either as your gods.