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Uranus and the Uranus cycle. And the house position of transit Uranus indicates the area of mundane life that his radical vibration will influence during his transit of Taurus. The current Uranus cycle commenced January 28, at 3. It ignited a worldwide social media revolution and a surge for independence, liberation and equal rights.

Uranus is in house 6 labor, work, labor unions, restaurants, food, diet, sickness and medical services. Uranus in Taurus on March 6, is in house 7 war, foreign policy, international relations and foreign affairs. He moved there on March 13, Uranus moves to house 8 taxes, debt and death on May 30, He returns to house 7 on November 5, and moves back to house 8 on March 21, Chart data is January 27, at Uranus there forecasts land reform, radical innovation for the housing sector, technology driven homes, new and untried farming methods, technological transformation of the farming sector, inventive weather forecasting techniques and extreme weather events.

Uranus in Taurus on March 6, is in house 5 risk, speculation, share market, entertainment, fun, amusement, movies, sport, sex, IVF programs, children, Child Care Centers and teenagers.

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He moved there on April 15, Uranus moves to house 6 labor, the work-force, trade unions, government employees, food, groceries, eating habits, diet, sickness, drugs, medicines and medical services on April 24, Chart data is January 28, at 3. As the Venusian crescent continues to enlarge it also becomes more slender, such that the dark non-illuminated side of the planet is well-displayed when seen from the Earth.

Telescopic observers now begin their search for the mysterious and elusive Ashen Light , a faint glowing of the night side of Venus which until recently had no clear explanation. Whilst this may seem extraordinary, the planet's apparent size of around 57" brings it very close to the generally-accepted resolution of the human eye, i.

By the end of May Venus becomes lost from view from all locations as it speeds towards inferior conjunction passing between the Earth and the Sun on June 3rd. Venus Conjunctions with other Planets in Not all planetary conjunctions will be visible from the Earth, however, because many of them take place too close to the Sun. Furthermore, not all of them will be seen from across the world; the observers' latitude will affect the altitude angle above the horizon at which the two planets are seen at the time of the event and the local season will affect the sky brightness at that particular time.

A flat, unobstructed horizon will normally be required to observe most of them. Jupit e r is affected to a much lesser extent since it is always above magnitude A Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in the dusk sky, photographed by the writer in March A significant factor in determining whether a planetary conjunction is 'easy' or 'difficult' is the altitude that the fainter planet is positioned as it comes into view in the dusk twilight. This in turn affects the duration for which the pair are visible thereafter.

In this context, the six planetary conjunctions of will now be discussed. Even when the solar elongation is favourable, a further problem beckons in that the glare caused by Venus ' brilliance makes it difficult to see the much fainter planet beside it.

In both cases the planets set in darkness from all but higher Southern latitudes. The first, on October 30th , takes place early in the apparition when observers at higher Northern latitudes have not yet begun to see Venus emerge in the dusk sky. The widely-separated pair are however ideally placed for Southern hemisphere observers. The separation column ' Sep ' is the angular distance between the two planets, measured relative to Venus, e.

The ' Fav. The ' Con ' column shows the constellation in which the planets are positioned at the time of the conjunction. The table is excerpted from another showing Venus conjunctions with other planets from to on the Venus Conjunctions page. Although any given conjunction takes place at a particular instant in time, it is worth pointing out that, because of the planets' relatively slow daily motions, such events are interesting to observe for several days both before and after the actual conjunction date.

There are in fact two methods of defining a planetary conjunction date: one is measured in Right Ascension i.


Moon near Venus Dates, September to May T he Moon is easy to find, and on one or two days in each month, it passes Venus in the sky. Use the following tables to see on which dates the Moon passes near the planet between September and May Date Range. Conjunction Geocentric. Solar Elong. Moon Phase. Sep 29, UT. Waxing Crescent. Oct 29, 14h UT. Nov 28, UT. Dec 29, 01h UT. Jan 28, 06h UT.

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Feb 27, UT. Mar 28, UT. Apr 26, UT. May 24, UT. Argentina, S. Moon near Venus dates for the evening apparition of Note that the dates, times and separations at conjunction i. The Sep. This photograph of the event was taken by the writer from the south-western United Kingdom. Venus had just emerged from behind the Moon after being hidden from view for about 90 minutes. Depending upon the angular size and phase of Venus at the time of any given occultation, it can take anything from several seconds to more than a minute for the planet to become completely obscured by the passing Moon, and the same time to re-appear.

This is in contrast to a star, which, being a very distant point of light, disappears behind the Moon more or less instantaneously. During the same evening, Venus, Jupiter and the crescent Moon formed an impressive celestial grouping in the sky, whose appearance varied somewhat depending upon the observers' location and the time of viewing. The grouping was nicknamed ' the smiley face' conjunction and many photos of the event were taken by the general public worldwide.

For this reason, the dates shown in the table should be used only for general guidance. T he following tables give the direction and altitude angle above the horizon of Venus at 30 minutes after sunset , together with the visibility duration of the planet after sunset, for the evening apparition. An explanation of abbreviations in the tables is given in the box below.

For the sake of convenience, the table is split into Northern and Southern hemisphere latitudes the Equator is included in both tables to allow interpolation of the data for observers situated at Equatorial latitudes. Northern Hemisphere Latitudes. To find your latitude, visit the Heavens Above website, select your country and enter the name of your nearest town or city in the search box.

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The table column headings are as follows:. An italicised duration means that Venus is seen under twilight conditions through to its setting, i. Note that the directions and altitudes refer to the planet's position at 30 minutes after local sunset. The approximate time at which Venus sets can be found by adding the visibility duration on a particular date column Dur to the time of local sunset on the same date.

Southern Hemisphere Latitudes. The column headings are described under the Northern hemisphere table above. The path of Venus is plotted in the sky at 30 minutes after local sunset throughout the evening apparition with the planet's direction and altitude marked along the horizontal and vertical axes, respectively. For higher accuracy, the azimuth the bearing measured clockwise from True North is also shown along the direction axis.

Azimuth and altitude are co-ordinates which are used for high-accuracy tracking of objects across the sky; in astronomy it is mainly used for setting telescopes which are fitted with altazimuth mounts.

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The writer refers to this particular evening apparition as Apparition C1 ; for more details, see the accompanying article describing The Venus 8-year Cycle. Naked-eye Venus : Apparitions, Conjunctions and Elongations, The Naked-eye appearance of Venus. Naked Eye Planet Index. Planetary Movements through the Zodiac.

Site hosted by. Jump to:. Apparent Magnitude. From 28 th September Mercury enters water sign Scorpio. Mercury moves through the Second house for your sign. From 15 th October, Mercury becomes retrograde in Scorpio. Moving in retrograde mode, Mercury reenters air sign Libra From 29 th October.

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From 5 th November, Mercury becomes direct in motion. From 11 th November, Mercury renters last of Scorpio. From 2 nd December, Mercury enters last of fire sign Sagittarius. Mercury moves through the Third house for your sign.